Photo courtesy of Portraits of Valor Nick Del Calso

Drew Dix

Pueblo, Colorado has the rare honor of having four of its citizens awarded the Medal of Honor. Four bronze statues are on display at the Pueblo Convention Center.

Drew Dix is the first enlisted man in Special Forces to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. He received a direct commission to first lieutenant and retired with the rank of major after serving twenty years in the army–many of those in unconventional warfare assignments. Following retirement from the army he continued to work in support of government sponsored programs and owned and operated an air service in the Alaskan interior.

Drew Dix is the the Co-founder and Board Chairman of the Center for American Values, a non-profit organization  located in Pueblo, Colorado. Dix’s vision for the Center is to be a source for future generations to learn and explore how doing the right thing for family, community and country will keep America great. To learn more click on the links above.

The Center for American Values’ mission is: “To honor the extreme sacrifices made to help sustain America’s values and to ensure these extraordinary actions are preserved … forever.” Dix emphasized that “this is not a military museum. We are apolitical and secular in our mission. We welcome all.” 

-Drew Dix